Ten Ways to Enjoy Spring Art if You Are Poor


Spring is arriving!  So what better thing to do than go indoors and look at works of art, am I right?  "GalleristNY" is offering up some options for the spring art season.  We previously offered up alternatives for you to enjoy art, even if you do not have any money.  Here are ten ways you too can enjoy art, even if you could not afford to buy anything at the Armory show.

1.  Justin Matherly: All Industrious People.  Make a copy of your fingerprint.  Print it in color.

2.  Elizabeth Peyton.  Take a picture of the first lady, or if she is not around, anyone, and put it into your favorite image editing software.  Apply some filters.  Print out.  Hang on wall.

3.  Blinky Palermo Drawings 1976–77.  Paint half a theater stage.  You can even paint the other half on another canvas and then join the two together in any way you want!

4.  Mathieu Malouf.  Get some mushrooms or whatever you can find.  Cover them in latex.  Frame the whole thing.  Hang on wall.

5.  Sara VanDerBeek.  Get a statue.  Break it.  Replace lampshade with it.  Give it a meaning: "Is civilization illuminating?"  Sell for $20 million.

6.  Wolfgang Tillmans.  Eat lunch.  Make a mess.  Take a picture.  Hang on wall.

7.  Paul McCarthy.  Steal somebody's garden gnome.  Place phallic objects on it.  Spray paint it.  Name it a different color.  Take it to a New York art show.  Become a legend.

8.  Julie Mehretu.  Get a ruler.  Get a pencil.  Start drawing lines.  Try to be symmetrical.  Inspire a revolution.

9.  Cecily Brown.  Draw abstractions of humanity.  Smudge them all around.

10.  Amy Yao.  Take random pieces of paper.  Put them together.  What the hell, try to incorporate a phallus.

Image courtesy of David Group.



Profile photo of MissAdviceMissAdvice
March 15th, 2013  4:47 PM

“Is civilization illuminating?”

Profile photo of Mr. DotdotdotMr. Dotdotdot
March 15th, 2013  5:15 PM

#6. You people will not believe what an amazing artist I am. All I needed was a camera all along.

Profile photo of photog17photog17
March 18th, 2013  12:23 PM

This is why I make as much of a mess on my table as I can. People just need to accept me for the artist that I am.

Profile photo of blybly
March 18th, 2013  1:25 PM

I only consider 3, 8, and 9 art.