The MasterChef Junior Probabilities and Predictions: Impressing Martha Stewart

MasterChef Junior finale

In tonight's finale the fifth season the final four compete to make it to the final competition and win the "coveted" MasterChef trophy and $100,000.  They will make chocolate molten cake and a meat dish.  Then the final two will make a three-course meal for Gordon, Christina, and guest judges Martha Stewart and Wolfgang Puck.  Our MasterChef Junior probabilities and predictions below.


MasterChef Junior Justise

She is the favorite to win as she has persistently made dishes that impressed the judges all throughout the season.

Probability of winning the prize: 33%


MasterChef Junior Adam

He has been an impressive cook throughout but his Achilles' heel is captaining teams in team challenges.  He has managed to sink every ship he has captained.

Probability of winning the prize: 27%


MasterChef Junior Shayne

He started off strong, but has made some dishes that were not up to par.  Will he be able to overcome that?

Probability of winning the prize: 22%


MasterChef Junior Jasmine

Ever since she came back into the competition, she has impressed the judges consistently, but will they be willing to crown someone winner when they have already been eliminated from the competition?

Probability of winning the prize: 18%


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