Go Raw to Embrace the Cold

Why should one go raw?  Well, yeah, apparently you will lose some weight and all, and be healthier, but who cares about any of that stuff?  Everybody?  That is because they are thinking within the constraints of a non-raw food eater.  A raw food diet makes you capable of withstanding temperatures that no one else can.  It also makes you incredibly calm in a sea of chaos.  If only world leaders could follow Tarah's example, we would be free of war!  But wait, there is more.

You see eating raw allows one to be more in touch with nature as it acclimates your body to the real temperature of mother earth.  What I learned today about the raw food diet:

1.  Raw food is cold.  This slowly adapts your body to lower temperatures.

2.  Eating raw makes all the wild animals fight over you.

3.  Eating raw allows you to ignore the insane animals.

4.  Those animals are violent because they do not eat raw vegan.

5.  If you stand behind a tree for ten minutes you are practically a sundial.

6.  I wish it snowed here more often.

7.  I want to live in nature.

8.  Why am I stuck in this urban hellhole?

Tarah's website is full of recipes for you northern climate raw food eaters or head over to her 40 Below Fruity channel for more videos.



Profile photo of photog17photog17
March 13th, 2013  12:46 PM

9. Is that a tattoo on her hip or just part of her bikini? (Technically not something learned, but … )

Profile photo of cardstandcardstand
March 13th, 2013  9:25 PM

14. Must go on raw diet to meet girls like this.