The Muppets Take the Kitchen, the MasterChef Junior Recap

The Muppets show up in the kitchen and upstage the junior cooks and the judges.

Team Challenge

The junior cooks make it back into the kitchen after a week off for Gordon to reminisce over getting food tossed onto his face.  Christina asks Adam and Jasmine to captain the teams as they won the tag team challenge from two episodes ago.  Adam picks Justise and Cydney and Jasmine picks Shayne and Evan.  Christina informs the cooks that they will be making food for people that grew up and wound up in their dream jobs.  After a couple of the junior cooks share what their dream jobs are, they are sent back to their cooking stations where giant boxes await them.

They open their boxes and discover that they can choose between rack of lamb, monkfish, and littleneck clams.  Aside from that they have a cornucopia of vegetables to accompany any of their three options.

They will have 75 minutes to cook up a meal for 20 guests.  Adam's team settles on lamb because the clams are still moving while Jasmine opts for the monkfish.

As the cooks cook, the special guests make their way into the restaurant.  They include ballet dancers, NASA scientists, cowboys, pilots, doctors, Olympic athletes, firefighters, construction workers, soldiers, and chefs.

Jasmine is a bit concerned about her monkfish being overcooked but Christina comforts her and tells her its fine so long as the cooking stops immediately.  Adam slices some of his lamb too soon and Gordon recommends he place the pieces back against each other and leave them in the oven to prevent drying out.

Time is up.

The cooks head out to the patio while the dream jobbers get to dig into Adam's rack of lamb with pistachio crust, potatoes, and tzatziki sauce and Jasmine's vadouvan spiced monkfish with lentils, squash, and beurre blanc.

The cooks are called into the restaurant after the diners have tasted the food and Gordon announces that Jasmine's team won.

Elimination Challenge

All six cooks will partake in the challenge but Jasmine, Shayne, and Evan who won the team challenge will have an extra five minutes to cook their meal.  Gordon and Christina walk off to the side as a giant box is lifted up from behind them.  Inside are Miss Piggy and the Swedish chef from the Muppets.  Christina announces that the challenge is Miss Piggy's favorite meal and lifts a cloche to reveal a plate of steak frites.

However, Gordon announces that Miss Piggy will also be cooking.  She hesitates but upon Gordon presenting her an apron she agrees.

Shayne, Jasmine, and Evan begin cooking while the rest of the cooks have to wait five minutes before they can do anything.  Miss Piggy wisely uses this time to plot out her next moves.  Soon, Cydney, Justise, and Adam also start to cook while Miss Piggy places a call to get steak frites delivered within 25 minutes.  Gordon goes back to stop her but that does not matter because the person on the other end of the line could not deliver the meal in 25 minutes anyway.

Gordon gives Cydney some advice when Miss Piggy calls him over to guide her as well.  Except she tells him to show her how he would have cooked the meal.  The whole time she keeps referring to Gordon by different names, none of which are Gordon.

Time is up.

Justise, Shayne, Jasmine, Adam, Evan, and Cydney present their plates to good reviews from the judges.  Cydney gets a bit emotional and thus gets a hug from the Swedish chef.

Miss Piggy gets to present her dish and as Christina is judging how great it is, Gordon whispers to the Swedish chef that it was he that cooked it.  The Swedish chef asks Miss Piggy if she made the dish as he tosses the fries at her.

The cooks are called to stand behind the first cooking station as the three judges confer with each other.  They turn around and announce that Justise, Evan, and Jasmine made the best dishes of the night.  Gordon turns to Shayne as Miss Piggy tries to console him in her own special way.  Gordon tells Shayne that he's staying.  He tells Adam he is safe as well.  Finally he turns to a tearful Cydney and tells her she is safe as well.  The junior cooks turn to Miss Piggy and start to laugh as the judges tell her that she cheated and has to go home.  She blames her poor performance on Gordon getting in the way.


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