Desert Gem


They drove down the road.  That was where they would find it, they were told.  Blacktop as far as the eye could see.  Incredibly.  Frustrated they sped up but met futility.  Birds cawed.  They ignored.  Keep moving.

Later the road looked the same.  Who was to blame?  For shame!  Was this some kind of silly game?  Billy-Bob said he felt insane.  The location was so arcane.

There was nobody around.  And there was nothing to be found.  They got out and went for a walk.  "Look at the height of this stalk!"  They were simple folk.

Desert sands surrounded them.  But by then they were looking for that gem.  Jim-Bob appeared.  "Are the two of you lost?"  "No."  They moved on.  He faded into the distance.  A singular antenna arose.  The two of them froze.  How, why, why here?  Who knows?  Onwards they went.

And went and went.

In the sand they saw the mark of the paws.  To the south they would walk.  The sun beamed ahead.  Soon they would be dead.

Dry.  Arid.  Hell.

Tan everywhere they looked.  Sand everywhere they looked.  The sun would guide them now.  But for how long?  Did they make a turn that was wrong?

Sweat poured out of every pore.  The wetness on their skin felt like the ocean floor.  Yet the air was so dry.  They could almost cry.  It is just what they needed, more liquid made of salt.

West.  East.  All directions lacked a beast.  They were alone now.  Not even a fat cow.

Their speed slowly slowed.  They could not say they were not warned.  It was a nightmare, I've been told.  Then they thought that someone called.  After that they thought they found gold.  At this point they'd be happy if they found mold.  They were told their adventure would be so bold.  They only wish that it would be a little cold.

No prints.  No tints.  They started to wince.  He remembered his friend Vince.

The end always goes slower than the beginning.  Meaning?  There is no need to ever start speeding.  What about that feeling?  It always leads to bleeding.  So there is no cheating?  No matter how hard one tries there is no beating.  In the end, everything is fleeting.

Image courtesy of Monica Guy.



Profile photo of PacificoPacifico
March 12th, 2013  7:12 PM

I am so confused, am I missing something here.

Profile photo of FlossyFlossy
March 13th, 2013  11:42 AM

So morose, yet it sparked some creativity in me.

Profile photo of photog17photog17
March 13th, 2013  12:49 PM

Do these more frequently.