The Dream Dimension


Seven Simple Sentence Stories is a series meant to inspire the unblocking of writer's block.  What better way to get out of that creative slump than by having oneself write a simple story in very few sentences.  Why seven?  We like alliteration.  Want to take part?  Take this post's title and create your own simple story in seven sentences.

David dreamt in the fourth dimension.  When he woke it was such a letdown.  Seeing the three-dimensional world as frames of cubes on a strip.  He wondered if there was more to this.  It felt so alien, so remote.  He wondered how this thing entered his thought.  But soon it was time to head to work.

Image courtesy of Rebecca Partington.



Profile photo of BigBlueBenBigBlueBen
March 11th, 2013  11:59 PM

I love how these always end with the most mundane last sentence.

Profile photo of sarahbsarahb
March 12th, 2013  10:45 AM

He dreamt about all the dimensions. Lines, boxes, cubes, and time. He never wanted to wake up. He traveled back and traveled to the future. The constraints of reality would never allow him to. Dreaming was where he could be free. Seeing everything there is to see.