Too Many Leaders, the Survivor Game Changers Picture Book

Survivor Jeff Probst
"It's time to merge but you only get the feast if two people sacrifice themselves by not eating."

Survivor Maku Maku
"Thanks Tai and Brad!"

Survivor Tai and Brad
"Yeah, you're welcome."

Survivor Brad and Debbie
"Hey Brad, let's work together again."

Survivor Brad Culpepper
"All we have to do now is pick between Michaela and Hali."

Survivor Cirie and Michaela
"They're planning on voting you out but I will try to stop it."

Survivor Cirie and Michaela
"Just don't make any facial expressions, please!"

Survivor Andrea and Jeff
"Andrea wins immunity."

Survivor Cirie and Zeke
"Why don't we vote out Hali?"

Survivor Hali Ford
"You can pat me down, I don't have an idol."

Survivor Hali and Jeff
"Never tell people you don't have an idol."

Survivor Cirie Fields
"I'm running the show."

Survivor Andrea Boehlke
"I'm running the show."

Survivor Zeke Smith
"I'm running the show and I also need to take out whoever is running the show, even if that is me."

Survivor blue team
Jeff: "Regardless of who's running the show, Debbie, Andrea, Troyzan, Zeke, Ozzy, and Tai win reward."

Survivor Debbie, Zeke, Tai
"We need to take out Andrea."

Survivor Debbie, Zeke, Tai
"Hmm, so you want to get rid of your ally?"

Survivor immunity challenge
Jeff: "Time for the immunity challenge."

Survivor Aubry Bracco
"I'd much rather watch from down here."

Survivor Ozzy and Tai
"Sorry Ozzy, but you are no longer undefeated in this challenge."

Survivor Tai and Jeff
"Tai wins immunity."

Survivor Sierra and Zeke
"Andrea wants to vote you out."

Survivor Sierra Dawn Thomas
"Why is he telling me this?"

Survivor Cirie Fields
"Why is he telling her this?"

Survivor Debbie Wanner
"You know what?  Let's just vote out Ozzy and be done with this."

Survivor Sierra Dawn Thomas
"Well said."

Survivor Andrea Boehlke
"This is what you get for betraying me."

Survivor Cirie, Zeke, Debbie, Troyzan, Andrea
"I have an extra vote."

Survivor Ozzy and Jeff
"Goodbye Ozzy."


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