Brad Is Still in Control, the Survivor Game Changers Social Networks

Survivor Brad Culpepper

The tribes prepare for the merge.

Recent Events

  • Ozzy confronts Tai about his statements at tribal council hoping that Ozzy goes home.
  • Jeff is angry at the whole tribe for voting Sandra out.
  • Zeke and Jeff have a conversation about working together.
  • The Nuku tribe wins reward.
  • Brad wins over Aubry and Cirie by crying about missing his wife.
  • Jeff convinces Sarah to agree to vote out Ozzy.
  • The Mana tribe wins immunity.
  • The Nuku tribe discusses whether to get rid of Ozzy or Jeff.
  • Jeff plants some suspicions in Sarah's head about Ozzy and Zeke.
  • Jeff points out a split in the tribe between Ozzy, Zeke, and Andrea and Debbie, Tai, and Sarah.
  • Jeff asks Zeke a personal question.
  • The entire tribe turns on Jeff.
  • Jeff is told that he will be voted out and no vote takes place.

Positive Relationships

Survivor positive relationships

The relationships have gotten so convoluted with all the tribe swaps that the merge is going to be a relief.  However, Brad goes into the merge with so many positive relationships it's hard to see him having trouble once the tribes merge.

Thicker, darker lines indicate better relationships.

Negative Relationships

Survivor negative relationships

Debbie, Tai, and Ozzy head into the merge in the most precarious positions as they have developed too many negative relationships.

Thicker, darker lines indicate worse relationships.

Potential Changes

Anything can happen at the merge but Debbie, Tai, and Ozzy have to be especially careful in their early dealings after the merge.


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