The Vendetta, The Amazing Race Recap

The Amazing Race Ashton Theiss

Vanck and Ashton turn things around as a vendetta against another team unites the polar opposite personalities.  Meanwhile, one racer completely loses his cool.

Off to Brazil

Seth and Olive are the first to kick off the second leg of the race after we get a vignette of the various teams analyzing their strengths and weaknesses.  It is 11:16 p.m. and Seth and Olive just got notice that they are to head to Sao Paolo, Brazil.  Unfortunately for them, the travel agency they are supposed to book their tickets at does not open until 5:00 a.m. so every other team gets to catch up to them.

The next morning, 22 people cram themselves in a room so cozy it's amazing all those egos fit in there.  There was one ego that was a bit too big for the room as Shamir kept complaining about the speed with which his agent typed.  The only thing his attitude managed to accomplish was to turn off his teammate.  Amazingly, polar opposites Vanck and Ashton manage to get on the first flight along with Matt and Redmond.  The second flight has the teams of Seth and Olive, Shamir and Sara, and Brooke and Scott.  Liz and Michael make the third flight.  Team LoLo makes the fourth, Tara and Joey and team Colorado make the fifth, and Jessie and Francesca make the sixth.

The Chopper to the Tower

Once in Sao Paolo, the teams are to get on a helicopter to a skyscraper and from there head to Praça de Sé where they will pick up their next clue.  Vanck and Ashton make an agreement with Matt and Redmond that the two teams will toss a coin to see who gets on the first helicopter so that they don't "try to kill each other to get there."  Vanck and Ashton are very serious about this agreement, but Matt and Redmond see things differently.

So of course Matt and Redmond make it to the helipad first and don't bother waiting around for Vanck and Ashton.  Vanck and Ashton catch up and confront the guys about their decision.  Matt tells them that he expected they would do the same.  Vanck and Ashton confess that revenge will come later.

The teams get on the helicopters and they all gush about what a great experience this is.


Matt and Redmond are first to the clue which directs them to the detour options of "Keep the Beat" where the teams must play a surdo and a chocalho or "Work Your Feet" where they need to arrange a gym that uses everyday objects filled with cement as weights and refrigerators as punching bags.  Matt and Redmond choose the gym as do Vanck and Ashton, Seth and Olive, Brooke and Scott, and Tara and Joey.  Shamir and Sara, Liz and Michael, team LoLo, team Colorado, and Jessie and Francesca choose the samba task.

Matt and Redmond think they are done but the judge tells them something is out of order.  They forgot to put water in a barrel but they do not know that and they waste time trying to figure out what they got wrong.  Meanwhile, Vanck and Ashton are slowly catching up.  The two guys figure out that they forgot the water but they don't want Vanck and Ashton to know about the water so they do everything in their power to shield themselves as they pour water in the barrel.  The judge approves their task just as Seth and Olive arrive.

Meanwhile at the samba task, Shamir and Sara, Liz and Michael, and team LoLo try to figure out the beats as they all fail their first attempts.

Brooke and Scott get out of their cab because Brooke is worried about the traffic only to have Brooke trip and hurt her arm.  Scott asks her if she's fine and she tells him that they need to move on as she says, "Pain is temporary, elimination is forever."

Matt and Redmond start to head to Avenida Paulista where they need to find a marked cyclist and pick up a clue.  On their way there, a cab nearly leaves with their bags in its trunk.  It also drops them off at the wrong place allowing other teams to catch up and pass them.

Back at the gym, Vanck and Ashton have no problems arranging the equipment and even get the water in the barrel.  Seth and Olive are right behind them.  Meanwhile, at the samba task, Shamir and Sara pull it off on their fourth attempt but Shamir got some bruises on his hand from beating the drum a bit too hard.  Liz and Michael also move on.

Brooke and Scott arrive at the gym where Scott does all the heavy lifting due to Brooke's arm not doing so good.

Vanck and Ashton get the clue from the cyclist first as Matt and Redmond still look for it somewhere in Sao Paolo.  Ashton reminds us that she holds grudges and she's not letting the coin toss agreement go.

Team LoLo pull off the samba task on their third attempt as the Coloradans storm in full of passion.  They quickly complete the task and move on.  Brooke and Scott complete the gym task.

Squeaky Clean

Vanck and Ashton arrive at the roadblock which requires one of them to rappel down a skyscraper and clean one window.  Ashton chooses to do the task.  Liz and Michael catch up as well and Liz opts to do the task.  Seth volunteers for him and Olive.

Tara and Joey complete the gym task as Shamir and Sara decide that Shamir will clean the window and Scott opts to complete the task for him and Brooke who has an issue with her arm.  Scott however has a tremendous fear of heights and worries about this task as he makes his way up the building.

Redmond performs the task for him and Matt as Jessie and Francesca finally arrive at the samba task.  Becca volunteers for the Coloradans as Seth is told he has to rappel down again as he missed a spot at the top of the window.

Liz completes the task and she and Michael head off to Trianon Park where Phil and the pit stop await.  Vanck and Ashton are right behind them.

Tara volunteers for team Parents and Logan does the same for team LoLo.

Liz and Michael finish the leg first and win a trip to Barbados courtesy of Travelocity.  Vanck and Ashton are right behind them but Ashton doesn't care about almost winning the leg as she does about beating Matt and Redmond and she is all smiles.  Redmond completes the roadblock right after.

Jessie and Francesca complete the samba task.

Matt and Redmond finish third.

Meanwhile, Shamir has issues with his harness and goes on to endlessly whine about how tight his harness is.

Seth and Olive finish fourth.

Shamir continues to have issues with his harness as he loses control of his rappelling and breaks the window.  He resorts to going into an ambulance to make sure everything is fine.  Meanwhile, Scott, Becca, Logan, and Tara complete the task and move on.

Shamir finally gets out of the ambulance just as Jessie and Francesca reach the building but they are oblivious to the cyclist that has passed them three times.  Sara points them in the wrong direction as she waits impatiently for Shamir to complete the task.

Team Colorado finishes fifth, followed by Brooke and Scott, team Parents, and team LoLo.

Shamir is asked to try cleaning the window one more time.  He continues to complain while Francesca heads up to complete the task for her team.  Shamir is coaxed into going up one more time by Sara and manages to pull it off as Francesca is asked to clean the window one more time.

Shamir and Sara finish ninth and Phil gives Shamir a stern talking to about his attitude.  Sara tries to focus on the positive aspect of the race but Shamir refuses and the two wind up turning their backs to each other.  Jessie and Francesca finish last and are eliminated.


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