Deep Thoughts in New York

Every weekday we bring you Live at Five in Five, a series that highlights the most noteworthy events of the day in our fair City in five paragraphs, sentences, words, or letters.

Thinking or sleeping?  What is more beneficial to the typical New Yorker?  A sole woman on the bus raises an important question.  But does anyone have the answer?

A woman forces her fellow bus riders to wonder about why people enjoy laughing but not crying.  Deep thoughts.

The Daily News wonders why so many people do not have a job when the Dow is breaking new records.  Keep thinking.

The city's homeless population skyrocketed particularly among families.  The Dow keeps rising.  Think.

A mayoral hopeful is funding a play and paying for people's tickets to see said play.  How is this not buying votes?  Deep thoughts.

It appears that another mayoral hopeful has broken the law, but still gets to run for mayor anyway.  Deep sleep.


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