Alternate Time Lines, the Sleepy Hollow Recap

Sleepy Hollow Lara

A mysterious woman travels back to the present from the future to stop Malcolm's diabolical plan.

Theatrics in the Theater

Diana and Ichabod are attending Molly's school play on the American Revolution.  Although, Ichabod is not aware of the norms of the present day and chooses to shout out all of his thoughts without noticing that everyone else in the audience is silent.  He even gets shushed by one of the parents but Ichabod carries on embarrassing Diana who will probably never invite him to one of these things again.

With the play over, Molly asks Diana if she can join her friend at a sleepover.  Diana agrees and Molly scatters off.  However, a woman is in the back of the auditorium and eyes Ichabod and Diana eerily.  Diana gets a sensation as if someone walked on her grave and asks Ichabod if her ever felt the same.  He says twice, naturally.

A Cabin in the Woods

Malcolm and Jobe are in a cabin in the woods working on getting the Four Horsemen together for a future shindig.  Meanwhile, the gang back at the vault is spying on the duo.  They realize that Malcolm is not interested in ending the world but transforming it into something else.  They notice a symbol on Malcolm's wall and Jake goes looking for a book that contains it.  Meanwhile the strange lady from the auditorium is in the building and she snatches up a book from the vault herself while Ichabod and the gang try to figure out what the "arma mutata" is.

As they ponder the Masonic offshoot of the arma mutata, Alex's laptop sounds an alarm that there is an intruder in the tunnels.  They notice the woman that just took the book and head out after her.  Diana passes by her without noticing but Jenny spots her and the two get into a scuffle in which Jenny does not emerge victorious.  Jake discovers which book is missing from the vault causing Ichabod to recall his involvement with the book during the Revolutionary days.  The group decides to split up and Ichabod and Diana head to Benjamin Banneker's old place while the rest of the group tries to figure out where Malcolm is.

Ichabod and Diana discover that Banneker's old place has been rebuilt into what is now a trendy eatery in the middle of the woods.  Okay.  After they are denied entry by the hostess, they opt to enter the place through a side door.  There, they spot the woman that took the book.  She found the box she's been looking for and tells the duo to get lost.  Jobe also makes a surprise visit.  He knocks Ichabod and Diana out with a blast of air.  Then the mystery woman knocks herself and Jobe out with a magical crystal.

Ichabod and Diana come to and acquire the box and the mystery woman.  Inside the box, they find the turricula ignis gun.  They take her into a DHS safe house and begin to interrogate her.  She tells them her name is Lara and leads them to a warehouse where she claims they can deal with the turricula ignis.  However, she traps them inside and heads off.  They discover that Lara lives there and come across some more of her crystals.  Eventually Diana breaks through a window and they decide to go after her.

A Cat and Mouse Game

Meanwhile, Jenny is pondering her new job offer as she helps Alex and Jake in locating Malcolm's cabin.  They head out to where they believe it to approximately be and decide to split up one more time with Jenny going solo and Jake and Alex going off to get caught by Jobe.  They stumble across four coffins when Jobe brings them into the cabin to talk to Malcolm.  Inside Malcolm's they discover that he was aware that they were tracking him down all this time and he demands they tell him where the turricula ignis is.

Malcolm and Jobe get whatever they can out of Jake and Alex and move on.  They leave a guard behind but that guard is not Jenny proof so Jenny takes him out and frees the not so dynamic duo.

The Future Is Now

Ichabod and Diana track down Lara to an eternal flame which happens to be the real one, not the touristy one we all know about.  She tries to dispose of the gun but Jobe and Malcolm manage to seize it just moments before it is tossed into the flame.  Lara pleads with Malcolm not to use the weapon just as Ichabod and Diana show up to try and stop him.  Malcolm is shot but seeing as he is immortal, there is no effect.

Lara uses one more of her crystals allowing her, Ichabod, and Diana some time to escape.  As the three flee in the woods, Jobe and Malcolm catch up to them.  Lara once again pleads with Malcolm to stop and reveals to Diana that she is from the future sent back by Ichabod to stop Malcolm from turning Diana into the Horseman of War.  Oh, and also, she's Molly, Diana's daughter.

After Lara/future Molly and Malcolm debate the use of the gun, Malcolm excuses her and takes a shot except he accidentally fires at Ichabod and Ichabod becomes the Horseman of War, just like his son used to be.


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