Giving Up

Seven Simple Sentence Stories is a series meant to inspire the unblocking of writer's block.  What better way to get out of that creative slump than by having oneself write a simple story in very few sentences.  Why seven?  We like alliteration.  Want to take part?  Take this post's title and create your own simple story in seven sentences.

Another Monday encroached on his will to live.  Let us be perfectly honest here, it is not like there was much will there to begin with.  Disappointment, disillusionment, and discord ate at his soul.  But what was his soul, really?  He did not know.  How can something eat at an unknown?  He just decided to look forward to the weekend.



Profile photo of MissAdviceMissAdvice
March 4th, 2013  4:19 PM

That is a great first sentence.

Profile photo of WilltheDillWilltheDill
March 4th, 2013  6:21 PM

Dude, is there a way to make the ads you just added a bit less intrusive, the ones between the content and the comments?