How Many Ways Can You Call an Ass?

The panelists of "The McLaughlin Group" this week discussed sequestration, asses, Hollywood, and women in politics.  There are four topics that go well together, no?  Once again, Pat Buchanan was absent from the group.  What a shame, for his gender studies lectures are equally as riveting as his ethnic studies ones.  Oh well.

How many ways can one say derrière in Washington?  Well the House Republicans use the term "ass", the Senate Democrats use the term "posterior", a Sunday talk show host uses the terms "quadruped" and "donkey" (subtle jab at Democrats?), and a Sunday talk show panelist uses the British term "arse."  No wonder no one can agree on a budget.

On the sequester standoff, Mort tries to be as diplomatic as possible but John is prodding for a more pronounced answer.  Mort holds his own.  How can a lowly 99 percenter get a man like Mort to say something he does not want to?  How can one even dare to attempt to do that?

Remember when people used to laugh at Japanese cars and Chinese toys?  If something like this becomes successful the world will see ruthless American terrorists on the big screen and the whole world will turn against us.  Wait, what?  Before Chinawood spends another pretty penny, they should perhaps work on that name if they plan to be successful in the creative arts industries.  Although they will be competing against the ever so creative Hollywood, so yeah.  John's attempts at stoking the panelists are quite humorous.

John continues to look for trouble everywhere.  He should be very careful where he treads.  Anyway, kudos to New Hampshire on the makeup of its political representatives.  It is about time they got some recognition on a nationally televised program.

A lot of previous predictions can now be verified.  Mort predicted that "most of the continuing opportunities for employment will be part-time jobs with low wages."  He was correct.  Tim Carney predicted that "sequestration will be modified by Congress before March 1st."  He was wrong.  In that same episode, Eleanor predicted that "Senator Hagel will be confirmed as the next Secretary of Defense."  She was correct.  Susan predicted that "March 1st the sequester will happen."  She was correct.  Mort moves up two spots in the rankings, and Tim falls five.

Panelist Prediction Correct Wrong Partially Right Not Yet Proven Percent Correct
Ryan Grim 1 0 0 1 100
Michelle Bernard 1 0 0 2 100
Susan Ferrechio March 27th there will not be a government shutdown. 2 0 1 5 83.33
Eleanor Clift Yahoo's ban against employees working at home, put in place by new CEO and new mother Marissa Mayer will be scaled back because of the huge backlash particularly from working mothers. 8 5 3 8 59.38
Mort Zuckerman This economy is going to remain weak for another three or four months at the very least, it's going to put great pressure on the Congress to come up with different kinds of legislation to simulate the economy. 5 4 2 12 54.55
Pat Buchanan 5 4 4 8 53.85
John McLaughlin The election in Italy last weekend will produce political paralysis that will trigger a new crisis for the eurozone. 5 4 5 12 53.57
Tim Carney 1 1 3 1 50
Paul Glastris 1 1 1 0 50
Rich Lowry The Republican lieutenant governor of Virginia Bill Bolling will not mount an independent bid for governor, that would have almost guaranteed the election of the Democrat, Terry McAuliffe. 0 0 2 2 50
Clarence Page 1 2 4 3 42.86

The show in its entirety:



Profile photo of photog17photog17
March 4th, 2013  12:43 PM

Shouldn’t Mort get an insider’s handicap. Like drop ten percent from his score because he has access to all this inside information. Even without it, he is doing pretty poorly. I think that nickel in my pocket has had equal outcomes.

Profile photo of SarcastiteSarcastite
March 4th, 2013  2:46 PM

1. By phone, 2. by name. Two?