Working on Holidays

We actually worked on a (semi)holiday this week, which many of you noticed and pointed out.  Thanks.  We really appreciate being teased like that.  So we are at the end of another week, and it is time to award our favorite comments.  Oh, and in the words of the great documentarian we'll be back on Monday.

WilltheDill went all serious on us when he tried to explain why Gary Gutting's suggestion for a better debate is futile:

A lot of the politicians we voted in are there because they gamed the existing system.  I doubt they would survive a serious interrogation.  They only know sound bites and smiles.  And most voters only appreciate that.  Even the Sunday morning talk shows focus on style over substance.  Good luck Gary.

Bly kicked off a fun thread with this:

Or for the Bloomberg one.  Although every night is a cold night in the Bloomberg household.

Sarcastite offered this pun:

. . . Eros you happy to see me.

Photog17 commented on The Wall Street Journal's headline strategy:

Two points every day.  Like an investment.

Cardstand started an amusing thread with:

Matthew from Los Angeles is busted!


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February 25th, 2013  6:22 PM

My comment of the week is the longest comment of the week!