Comments Down

This was the week we really put our commenting system to the test, and perhaps we tested it too hard.  As many of you noted in the comments, comments were down for a good part of the week.  Anyway, all is fixed now, and we decided we deserved a little break, so we will take Monday off because we suffer two day post-snow disorder, and then it is Lincoln's birthday, so we will return to our regular schedule on Wednesday.  Enjoy the snow!  Enjoy getting the comments back!  Our favorite comments from the few that made it through, below.

Cardstand offered an alternative title to a post about the names of vegetarian restaurants:

Alternate titles: How to learn a lot of new words

Sarcastite made a comment about the commenting system troubles:

Flabbergasted when I went past it, it is as if I got blasted.  But a comment I could not post for the commenting was down for the hours most.



Profile photo of BigBlueBenBigBlueBen
February 9th, 2013  1:01 AM

How do I get a job with you. You guys take way too many holidays.

Profile photo of sarahbsarahb
February 13th, 2013  10:46 AM

I would have had a comment of the week if I was able to comment James.