How to Confuse the Diners

The Village Voice produced a list of vegetarian restaurants in New York City they think are the best.  I took this list and ranked it based on how confusing the name is to me.

10.  Danji.  A Korean restaurant, but danji is a japanese word meaning skin.  The most confusing of all the names.

9.  Maimonide of Brooklyn.  Maimonides was the Jewish scholar who codified Jewish law in the Talmud.  It is also a highly successful hospital in Brooklyn.  With all these Maimonideses running around, who knows what one is referring to.  Will you get a lecture, a lesion healed, or a head of lettuce?

8.  Cocoron.  Jumping on the confusing names bandwagon is Cocoron which sounds very much like a major real estate company in the city.  When you enter will you get arugula or a room to rent?

7.  Saravana Bhavan.  Sravana is the fifth month of the Hindu calendar, yet this vegetarian restaurant is open year round.  What gives?

6.  Dirt Candy.  Dirt candy is supposed to be vegetables, but if you really think about it, should it not be fruit?

5.  Dovetail.  Everything fits together, except for the money in your pocket, am I right?

4.  Blue Hill.  The movie Blue Velvet comes to mind every time I hear the name of this place.  So yeah.

3.  Taim.  This is the Hebrew word for tasty.  Luckily everything on their menu sounds delicious.

2.  Le Verdure.  Le verdure is Italian for the vegetable.  Not very creative here, but at least you know what to expect.

1.  Kajitsu.  The word kajitsu is Japanese for fine day.  The cuisine used in this restaurant came out of vegan Buddhist monasteries.  A perfect fit.  Have a kajitsu.



Profile photo of SarcastiteSarcastite
February 7th, 2013  10:40 PM

There is a lot of confusion at stockingblue. I could not comment several times this week and have no idea if you guys are even aware of it.

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February 7th, 2013  11:48 PM

Alternate titles: How to learn a lot of new words