Grand Central Over the Years

Grand Central Terminal

The Atlantic has a slide show where they show images of Grand Central from construction in 1912 to today.  We picked the ten pictures that show the largest differences and list them below.

1.  Construction.  Grand Central Terminal opened its doors to the public on February 2, 1913.  Note the lack of skyscrapers.

2.  Empty Restaurant.  Pretty fancy stuff.  Note the rugs.

3.  Man on a Hand.  That is Mercury's arm.  Some statues resemble trees more than people.

4.  Ghosts in the Terminal.  Rumor has it when the Terminal is empty, souls take to its vacuous cavities.

5.  Looking at a Plane.  It did not take much to excite people back in 1929.

6.  Smiling People.  People actually enjoyed train delays in 1946?

7.  The Space Man.  People gather to see John H. Glenn, Jr. launch into his orbit around the world.

8.  Blackout.  Not many smiles in 1965.

9.  Chicago Bound.  Wow you could actually go to Chicago from Grand Central?  Why is this not a thing anymore?

10.  Track Fire.  By 1987 the smiles are gone and so is the willingness to lie around and wait.


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