Here Lies King Richard

Some archaeologists recently dug up the bones of King Richard III.  Who cares?  Apparently a lot of the world's major media does.  So what did we find out about King Richard?

Kings can get curved spines.  Most commoners do not.  We are already better off than people that pop out of anointed vaginas.  Also, kings die and then get violated by archaeologists when they go around with their tools of the trade harassing bones and such.  Poor poor King Richard.  I almost feel bad for the guy.  Now these guys will get their grubby hands all over his bones and will refuse to allow him to rest in peace.

So much for elevated status.  When they die, they suffer the same misfortunes as the rest of us, if not worse.  Now is a good time to look at your own life and be grateful for living the life that you do.  This has been an uplifting message from the people at stockingblue.


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February 6th, 2013  12:11 AM

Until I got to this: “This has been an uplifting message from the people at stockingblue.” I was wondering what this post was about.