New Laws of Physics in New York

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The laws of physics.  They are a constant.  Not anymore.  Not in New York.  A new paradigm beckons.  What does this mean for the big city?

The laws of physics have been challenged in the subway.

Some in the city want to rename the 77th Street stop on the six after former Mayor Koch.  They may have to wait a while, because the New York minute challenges the laws of physics by being both shorter than a regular minute and considerably longer than one, especially when it comes to renaming the city's monuments and streets.

The MTA is considering to shut down subway stations because they do not understand the challenges to the laws of physics.  Top scientists from around the world will be expected to come and review the situation.

Three months.  A building stood for three months after hurricane Sandy struck.  Now it is expected to be razed.  The physics of time have been completely distorted.

Two tons of sugar challenge the forces of nature to bring another hurricane to New York and wash away a sugar carpet.  It cannot be done.  Not according to the new laws of physics.


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