Raw Desserts but Not Raw Video

I was planning on doing a winter cooking show as the temperatures here in New York were well below freezing all of last week and into this past weekend.  So of course, today winds up being the hottest day of this winter.  Oh well.  But no worries because I found chef Abbie Jaye who is making raw food desserts.  And she is not using 1,000 different powders in order to make it.  Really, what is it with raw food and powders?

Unfortunately for chef AJ, she is on this channel called SupremeMasterTV.  This channel wraps all of its videos with 1,000 translations and a business channel type scroll.  Then it has this red symbol that is reminiscent of totalitarian regimes.  It reminded me how much niche dieters can sometimes act like autocrats.

The recipe itself sounds so delicious with walnuts, dates, orange juice, cacao, and coconut.  Really, how could this taste bad?  I just wish this channel realizes that they can utilize other methods for their translations and get rid of all the unnecessary text.  It is just so busy, especially for a channel that espouses world peace and tranquility.


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