Passions of the Plants


Seven Simple Sentence Stories is a series meant to inspire the unblocking of writer's block.  What better way to get out of that creative slump than by having oneself write a simple story in very few sentences.  Why seven?  We like alliteration.  Want to take part?  Take this post's title and create your own simple story in seven sentences.

The trees' branches rubbed against each other.  He sat below and listened to the rustling noises above.  He wondered if this was how plants socialized.  Free will did not exist, for they were rubbed against each other by the wind.  Do trees sit and wait for the wind for some physical interaction with each other?  Why would they not grow into each other, why wait for some outside force?  His lunch break was over and he went back to filling in cells in spreadsheets; ah the beauty of free will.

Image courtesy of Chris Hunkeler.



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January 30th, 2013  12:52 AM

The trees rubbed passionately. Rustle rustle rustle. Leaves kept falling from the orgasmic heights. Rustle rustle rustle. The wind doubles as their libido. Rustle rustle rustle. It was quite the sight.