To Be Privileged with Assets in New York

Every weekday we bring you Live at Five in Five, a series that highlights the most noteworthy events of the day in our fair City in five paragraphs, sentences, words, or letters.

Privilege.  The privilege of living in Manhattan, having an amazing ass (according to the mayor), not having to take the subway or shitty bridges.  This is the New York of today.  One man seeks to end that privilege.  Will he prevail?

Rockaway residents are so shell-shocked by hurricane Sandy and the non-response from the city that they have turned to admiring the very ocean that tore their lives apart.

A man aspiring to be mayor, was sure to inform residents of the outer boroughs how the current mayor has completely ignored them.  He promises to make this a city of five boroughs and to end inequality.

As for the current mayor, his concerns do not even extend to the entire borough of Manhattan.  The billionaire mayor supposedly has an ass, high-heel, and dyed hair fetish.

Apparently the administration and its friends at the various authorities seem to not value life at all as $1 billion is seen as too costly to save 30 to 50 lives per year.

The Tappan Zee Bridge is likely to fall at any moment and the only time you should be on it is when you are kidnapped and drugged.


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