French Fight at the Edge of the World

Timbuktu airport

In a land called Timbuktu
the Gauls force Islamists
to say the word adieu
but they leave the town as arsonists

burning all the manuscripts
written many years ago
by sages and intellects
that made the city glow

Image courtesy of upyernoz.



Profile photo of sarahbsarahb
January 28th, 2013  10:51 AM

Timbuktu is free
now the Islamists must flee
but what does it mean?

Profile photo of FlossyFlossy
January 28th, 2013  11:49 AM

Image courtesy of upyernoz.

I’m dying.

Profile photo of AsFarAsImConcernedNelliesStillFantasticAsFarAsImConcernedNelliesStillFantastic
January 28th, 2013  2:48 PM

Boom boom boom boom boom
Here comes Marcel and his crew
Gunning Timbuktu