Always Look on the Bright Side of Ice

Endless fields of black and white.

Cascades slow down to the speed of stills.

Frozen pond
Cross the water without wetness.

Stinkless trash on a frozen sidewalk.

Used predominantly to help children read, picture books contain images with a short statement underneath.  In the Picture Book series, we hope to use the same technique to present a storyline that appeals to audiences of all ages, and to show that this format does not necessarily need to be limited to younger readers.  Feel free to provide alternative captions and create a new story with the images above.

French fields image courtesy of Alexandre Dulaunoy.
Cliffs cascading image courtesy of Nat Wilson.
Placid pond image courtesy of Justin Russell.
Glacial garbage image courtesy of Eric Schmuttenmaer.



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January 25th, 2013  3:35 PM

Reading stockingblue this week is like reading a weather report.