Masaokis Celebrates the Presidential Inauguration

Four years ago this week, Masaokis posted his first "cooking" video on the internet.  It was an omelette for the new president or as Masaokis put it, "the coming of the communist dictatorship."  This video was shot before Masaokis learned what an egg white actually was, as his experience in the kitchen was pretty limited prior to this point.  We have previously covered a couple of Masaokis's other videos.

Not only do we get amazing cooking instructions in this video but fire safety tips as well.  For instance, when a grease fire starts, grab the pot with your bare hands, place it on the floor, leave it there as you go to shut off the TV, and come back and drag the inflamed pot on the floor to your front door.  At which point you may place the pot with the grease fire on a pile of snow.  If all goes well, bring the pot of snow back into the apartment and remember to lock the door.  Safety first!



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January 24th, 2013  11:42 AM

I did not even make it to 2 minutes. The amount of grossness is just yuck.