Little Litter

Model train
In this little town

is this little house

with this little bathroom

where these little kittens play.

Used predominantly to help children read, picture books contain images with a short statement underneath.  In the Picture Book series, we hope to use the same technique to present a storyline that appeals to audiences of all ages, and to show that this format does not necessarily need to be limited to younger readers.  Feel free to provide alternative captions and create a new story with the images above.

Train town image courtesy of J Aaron Farr.
Colorful cabin image courtesy of Hanumann.
Bathroom bidet image courtesy of Thomas Galvez.
Little litter image courtesy of abcrumley.



Profile photo of cardstandcardstand
January 22nd, 2013  11:54 PM

Is that guy trying to force you to use that bidet? Look how close the toilet is to the sink.

Profile photo of sarahbsarahb
January 23rd, 2013  10:53 AM

#2 looks like Thoreau’s shack by Walden Pond, except it is colorful and has a barbed wire fence.