Small Apartment Suicide

Apartment building

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Small expensive apartments are the new "it" thing in New York.  However, New Yorkers are coming to the realization that they cannot even afford a square foot of floor.

Just when you though New York apartments could not get any smaller, the city has picked a team that designed apartments measuring 250 square feet for one of the city's buildings.

A New Yorker, that upon realizing she would have to share the apartment with three other roommates in order to afford it took a dive onto the subway tracks.

Another girl could not help herself either, and she was struck by a bus as she did everything she could to avoid living in a closet.

Real estate developers having realized how much money they could make with micro-units, started burning down their buildings.

Finally, a city councilman that cannot fathom why New Yorkers are partaking in the "subway splash" is calling an emergency meeting on people trying to avoid living in closets for $4000 a month.

Image courtesy of Apartment Therapy.


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January 22nd, 2013  9:35 PM

I don’t mind small places but 250 square feet is pushing it.