Happy Happy Joy Joy

With two flowers in his hand.

Grand Central Terminal
Mark knew his gesture would be grand.

But then, he realized his life was planned, bland, canned, and panned.

Man with dog
And he fell flat on the land.

Fine flowers image courtesy of Kim Love.
Striking sunlight image courtesy of Recuerdos de Pandora.
Goth girl image courtesy of Bailey Weaver.
Disoriented dog image courtesy of Abe Novy.



Profile photo of BigBlueBenBigBlueBen
January 11th, 2013  3:37 AM

I just want to see how long you all can keep up with the alliteration in the citations.

Profile photo of FlossyFlossy
January 11th, 2013  12:14 PM

Well that took a turn for the worse.

Profile photo of photog17photog17
January 11th, 2013  12:59 PM

That guy in the last picture has figured out the meaning of life. If we could all be so brave.

Profile photo of blybly
January 11th, 2013  2:48 PM

Is that dog looking for help or for a way to escape?