Defiance Is a Dish Best Served Alone

While the others frolicked freely.

It stood there defiant.

He sat there defiant, smoking.

Bad words
These were his thoughts.

Used predominantly to help children read, picture books contain images with a short statement underneath.  In the Picture Book series, we hope to use the same technique to present a storyline that appeals to audiences of all ages, and to show that this format does not necessarily need to be limited to younger readers.  Feel free to provide alternative captions and create a new story with the images above.

Free frolickers image courtesy of Stephane Mignon.
Fuck frolickers image courtesy of U.S. Army.
Free fumer image courtesy of Guian Bolisay.
Fuck formality image courtesy of Philip Bump.



Profile photo of cardstandcardstand
January 9th, 2013  9:05 PM

This works both ways. That man is my hero. I cannot make out the words in the last picture.

Profile photo of MyNameIsMeMyNameIsMe
January 9th, 2013  11:07 PM

I love how he is wearing short sleeves amidst all these winter pictures.

    Profile photo of photog17photog17
    January 10th, 2013  1:43 PM

    That guy is likely to stand up to anyone that annoys him and put that cigar out on their face. At least that is the impression that I get from that picture.

Profile photo of The Livid LibrarianThe Livid Librarian
January 10th, 2013  9:27 AM

I’m in love with the second tree.