Court Decisions Limit Abuse of Authority

Two court decisions point out the ridiculous world we live in.  One requested that citizens be allowed to review any lifting of security measures at nuclear power plants, the other limiting the stop and frisk program.

An upstate court ruled that public opinion must be included when federal regulators grant safety exemptions to nuclear power plants.  The case dealt with the Indian Point plant that is conveniently located mere feet from a known fault line.

Another court ruled that the NYPD cannot "stop and frisk" people outside of "clean halls" buildings without having any objective justification.

The court did not say anything about stopping and frisking hurricanes as hurricane Sandy was responsible for an up-tick in crime in the Upper East Side.  Some of these involved hurricane Sandy victims attacking EMTs in ambulances.

No word on whether the NYPD can stop and frisk patients in ambulances as they have been attacked multiple times, including one time by an assistant district attorney.

And then there is the TSA.  The people responsible for stopping and frisking us at the airports, found some guy in a restricted area at LaGuardia Airport, let him go, but asked him his name before doing so.  When the police arrived, the TSA agents started blaming each other for letting the man escape.


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