A City More Stupid

Every weekday we bring you Live at Five in Five, a series that highlights the most noteworthy events of the day in our fair City.

Stupidity is a contagious disease.  And apparently we are facing an epidemic in New York as of late.

The city is making another attempt at making parking signs easier to understand.  The city's denizens must be getting really stupid because the signs are inspired by a microblogging service that limits posts to 140 characters.

Perhaps the city is onto something as people have shown that they do not know how to walk up a flight of stairs anymore and are sent by escalators to their backwards careening deaths.

A transgender teacher was called worse than gay by his school, and told not to make any public appearances.  This was a Catholic school on whom the golden rule is completely lost on.

Even the mayor got in on the stupid action when he likened the United Federation of Teachers to the NRA.  One of his statements, "It’s typical of Congress, it’s typical of unions, it’s typical of companies, I guess, where a small group is really carrying the ball and the others aren’t necessarily in agreement" shows that the mayor is not self-conscious at all.

A state commission also showed us its bright side by declaring that one of the most expensive utilities in the country should go private, and thus become even more expensive.  Sharp work there guys.  How many lights were dimmed in the room where that decision was made?


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