Christmas Gifts from New York Institutions


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New York institutions are spreading the Christmas spirit today.

The New York Public Library asked itself, "Who needs books?"  They could not find an answer.  So succumbing to the times, they will turn the research library into an internet cafe!  Merry Christmas everyone!  This discussion has been ongoing for some time now, but today we got the big reveal.

A Manhattan heiress wanted to sit back and enjoy the holidays abusing "substances."  Her sobriety companion would not have it.  The heiress told the companion in not so many words, actually no words, just shoves down the stairwell that nobody keeps her away from her precious "substances."

The new editor-in-chief of the Village Voice sent a Christmas message to its readers.  The message: they will no longer make it as easy for anyone to use their pages to profit from physical or economic coercion, sexual or otherwise.  That is an alternative weekly Christmas message if there ever was one.

The MTA is also giving its Christmas message to commuters.  The message: fares will be raised in March.  Merry Christmas and stand clear of the closing doors.

The Times Square Alliance is making its final preparations for the New Year's Eve celebration.  The Alliance president said that even though some people are worried about the number 13, he thinks 2013 will be an amazing year.  Just in case though, the Alliance has rolled out a set of multi-cultural good luck charms.  And you thought making it past this Friday would be a relief.  Now you have an entire year to worry about.

Image courtesy of Thessaly La Force.



Profile photo of UncleJimMullingUncleJimMulling
December 19th, 2012  7:14 PM

The Voice article reminds us several times how unprofitable the move is. Aren’t they zine sized at this point?

Profile photo of cardstandcardstand
December 20th, 2012  12:08 AM

And that is why everyone calls the MTA the money taking assholes.

Profile photo of blybly
December 20th, 2012  12:52 PM

Would it be rude to return all of these?