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The group discussed the school shooting in Connecticut, the fiscal cliff, quantitative easing, and the legalization of drugs.

This was the issue that caused the most commotion on the panel.  Is is interesting to watch who agrees with whom here.

Not many of the Sunday morning talk shows discuss this issue, and it is refreshing to see this discussion take place.

No previous predictions were verifiable this week. We will have many changes in two weeks since there have been many fiscal cliff predictions over the previous weeks.

Panelist Prediction Correct Wrong Partially Right Not Yet Proven Percent Correct
Michelle Bernard 1 0 0 2 100
Eleanor Clift President Obama is not going to be able to change the gun culture on his own, it's going to require every American letting their voice be heard in opposition to the NRA. 6 4 3 5 57.69
Pat Buchanan Firing of Scuds by Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad is an indication that he is at the end of his tether. 4 3 2 8 55.56
Mort Zuckerman There will be an agreement between the Congress and the President of $1 trillion in tax increases and $1 trillion in cuts in spending. 3 3 2 10 50
Tim Carney 0 0 3 1 50
Rich Lowry 0 0 2 1 50
Susan Ferrechio There will be a major effort to pass some kind of gun legislation in the next Congress. 0 0 1 4 50
Paul Glastris 0 0 1 1 50
Clarence Page 1 2 4 2 42.86
John McLaughlin I predict that the year 2013 starting in two weeks, will experience during the year, of course, a recession. 2 4 4 10 40
Ryan Grim 0 0 0 1 0

The show in its entirety.

Image courtesy of Tilemahos Efthimiadis.


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