A Presidential Promise

The New York papers are known for their ability to convey the day's most significant news in an eloquent and pithy manner.  We here at Dateline Headline will be comparing the headlines of the major New York papers and keep a running tally of the best.  Newspapers will be awarded from zero points for not even bothering to show up to ten points for the headline nobody can top.  Click on the headlines to see an image of each paper's front page.  Can you do better than the New York papers?  Place your headline of the day below.

All the dailies headlined the President's visit to Connecticut, except for the Wall Street Journal which relegated it to its second story.

5.  The Wall Street Journal - GOP Poses Millionaire Tax-Rate Increase
The Journal focuses on the fiscal cliff with a clumsy headline.  Points awarded: 0.

4.  Daily News - Comfort for School Kin, Vow to End Madness / Obama: I'll Take on Guns
A quote from the President.  Points awarded: 1.

3.  Newsday - In Newtown, Obama Vows Action / "These Tragedies Must End"
A different quote from the President.  Points awarded: 2.

2.  The New York Times - Obama Tells Town "These Tragedies Must End"
The same quote from the President.  Points for meter.  Points awarded: 4.

1.  New York Post - Enough!  President: "We Can't Tolerate This" Again
The "Enough!" on its own is so powerful.  Points awarded: 6.

Newspaper Today's Points Total Points
The Wall Street Journal 0 39
New York Post 6 34
Daily News 1 33
The New York Times 4 29
Newsday 2 27



Profile photo of FlossyFlossy
December 17th, 2012  11:37 AM

Somewhere, Murdoch has a smile on his face.

Profile photo of photog17photog17
December 17th, 2012  1:10 PM

And the Post pulls through with a headline that is not tasteless. Armageddon really is coming on Friday.