The Georgia O’ Keeffe Fan Club

Another week has passed.  So it is time to recognize the comments that we enjoyed reading.  We will also answer questions we never got to.  Have a question?  Ask below.

Questions we missed this week:

Flossy asked, "He knows we’ll read from the bottom and puts them in backwards. Henry, amirite?" about the order of the pictures in Picture Book.  I know people are reading these in both directions, but as far as I know nobody has made an attempt to place them backwards, although it would be fun to try.

And our favorite comments:

WilltheDill made the following alternative newspaper headline for the photographer that took pictures of the infamous shove in the subway:

Shooter Snaps Shot of Subway Shover

Photog17 gave us this alternative news poem:

On to Syria
we head for another war
war perpetual

BigBlueBen retitled one of the crater works of art which led to a series of good alternatives:

Vaginal formations by Georgia O’ Keeffe.



Profile photo of AsFarAsImConcernedNelliesStillFantasticAsFarAsImConcernedNelliesStillFantastic
December 7th, 2012  10:41 PM

Shooter Snaps Shot of Subway Shover

Say that seven times fast

Profile photo of WilltheDillWilltheDill
December 8th, 2012  4:55 AM

Alternate title: All the good comments happened last week.

Profile photo of FlossyFlossy
December 10th, 2012  11:37 AM

I have a question. Can you please do an offshoot of blue states lose like you did here and make it a regular series: