God Birth the Queen

Will and Kate

In today's Questions to the Prime Minister questions were asked on the National Health Service, the royal family, and nothing on flooding.

It is a tradition for the Prime Minister to mention his schedule for the day.  Prime Minister Butch, aka, David Cameron, had the following slip of the tongue.  Note the jovial teasing it induces.

Adrian Mole asked Butch several questions on the National Health Service budget, which led to this discourse.

Eleanor Laing brought forth a question on royal succession.  If this is passed, the first born will be eligible for succession to the throne regardless of gender.

Kudos to both parties in the UK for recognizing that if corporations want to be "people," they should pay their taxes like the "people" they are.

The session in its entirety.

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December 6th, 2012  11:01 AM

Is this your subtle way of covering the royal birth?