Spot the Subway Shover

The New York papers are known for their ability to convey the day's most significant news in an eloquent and pithy manner.  We here at Dateline Headline will be comparing the headlines of the major New York papers and keep a running tally of the best.  Newspapers will be awarded from zero points for not even bothering to show up to ten points for the headline nobody can top.  Click on the headlines to see an image of each paper's front page.  Can you do better than the New York papers?  Place your headline of the day below.

The New York Times continues its warmongering, while the Post hits another low.

5.  The New York Times - Assad Suffering Reversals in Fighting and Diplomacy
This paper is so incessant on going to war in Syria it is sickening.  Points awarded: 0.

4.  New York Post - Pushed on the Subway Track, this Man Is About to Die / Doomed
This headline is coupled with an image of the man that was pushed in the tracks and shows him moments before his death.  Stay classy New York PostPoints awarded: 0.

3.  The Wall Street Journal - GOP Makes Counteroffer in Cliff Talks
How can a Rupert Murdoch paper be so constrained?  Points awarded: 1.

2.  Newsday - In Days After Sandy / Burglary Surge
The accompanying photo of broken glass makes this headline.  Points awarded: 2.

1.  Daily News - A-Roid to Ruin
Best of the bad?  Points awarded: 4.

Newspaper Today's Points Total Points
The Wall Street Journal 1 25
The New York Times 0 23
Daily News 4 20
Newsday 2 17
New York Post 0 13



Profile photo of sarahbsarahb
December 4th, 2012  10:35 AM

I love how Murdoch’s two papers bookend the list.

Profile photo of FlossyFlossy
December 4th, 2012  11:21 AM

The Post can post like three good headlines and still not catch up. Its front page today was utterly disgusting.

Profile photo of photog17photog17
December 4th, 2012  1:33 PM

Sicko Shoves Straphanger

Profile photo of WilltheDillWilltheDill
December 5th, 2012  1:22 AM

Shooter Snaps Shot of Subway Shover

We are addicted to alliteration