A Pregnant War and a Pregnant Royal

The powers of the Occident
get together and are hell bent
on picking a fight
with a nation in torment

While they swoon over
a couple of inbreds
even more royal heads



Profile photo of BigBlueBenBigBlueBen
December 4th, 2012  9:52 AM

I’ll do a haiku:

Prince William and Kate
have begun to procreate
oh no it’s too late

Profile photo of sarahbsarahb
December 4th, 2012  10:36 AM

Katey got pregnant
the royal family grows
as do nonsense shows

Profile photo of FlossyFlossy
December 4th, 2012  11:23 AM

Royals are fucking
the subjects they are taxing
they will get nothing

Profile photo of photog17photog17
December 4th, 2012  1:43 PM

On to Syria
we head for another war
war perpetual