No Agreement on Top Story Among New York Dailies

The New York papers are known for their ability to convey the day's most significant news in an eloquent and pithy manner.  We here at Dateline Headline will be comparing the headlines of the major New York papers and keep a running tally of the best.  Newspapers will be awarded from zero points for not even bothering to show up to ten points for the headline nobody can top.  Click on the headlines to see an image of each paper's front page.

Although we expect the New York Post to win this on most days, we kick off the series with the Post coming in last.  The Wall Street Journal wins the first day.

5.  New York Post - Finally! Jets win big in St. Louis
Seriously?  You are the New York Post, headline writers extraordinaire, and this is the best you could have come up with?  New York Jets bomb St. Louis was taken?  Points awarded: 0.

4.  Daily News - .22 Caliber Serial Killer / Psycho!
The Daily News makes an attempt at a headline.  The wanted man has been analyzed by their crack team of psychologists even before the NYPD has nabbed the man.  Points awarded: 1.

3.  Newsday - Help for 30,000 on Long Island / $208 Million in FEMA Aid
Yes this is informative, but this is the battle of the headlines Newsday!  How do you expect to keep up with your big city competition with a headline like that?  Points awarded: 4.

2.  The New York Times - Gaza Clash Escalates with Deadliest Israeli Strike
Wow.  We thought the Times would lose this competition every day.  But as we kick off this series, the Post headline writing team was completely out to lunch, allowing the elegant headline writers at the Times to beat the Post today.  They even get the concept of "if it bleeds it leads" down, unlike the Post's pathetic attempt.  Points awarded: 5.

1.  The Wall Street Journal - Investment Falls Off a Cliff
Nice pun on a topical issue.  Points awarded: 7.

Newspaper Today's Points Total Points
The Wall Street Journal 7 7
The New York Times 5 5
Newsday 4 4
Daily News 1 1
New York Post 0 0



Profile photo of sarahbsarahb
November 19th, 2012  10:04 AM

Too generous with Newsday.

Profile photo of sarahbsarahb
November 19th, 2012  10:04 AM

Is Newsday even a New York paper?

Profile photo of photog17photog17
November 19th, 2012  12:33 PM

Headline writing is the twitter of newspapers.