Dance Dance Restaurateur, the MasterChef Junior Awards

MasterChef Junior Jenna

The junior cooks melted Gordon's heart this week and that is no easy task.  There was dancing and excitement but at the same time drama and reconciliation.  Here are the most entertaining moments from this week's episode of MasterChef Junior.

Best Footwork

Andrew shows the judges that you don't need to be slim to have some flashy moves.  Graham agrees and does a little showing off himself.

Happiest Teammates

No two other people were happier to be paired up with each other than Andrew and Riley.  They also made the best team treating each other with respect and communicating effectively.

Most Adorable Moment

Riley gives Gordon a pat on the neck to assure him that he and Andrew are doing quite alright.  Gordon has never gotten any softer.  It's amazing how much power can come in such a tiny package.

Most Excited Judge

Graham just cannot contain his excitement as time runs out on the sushi challenge.  Here is a man that loves his sushi.

Most Touching Moment

Jenna and Kayla had a rough patch in their friendship but in the end they both realized that friendship trumps winning.  It even trumps cooking!  For these two, it seems like friendship is forever.


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