Joe the Yogi, the MasterChef Junior Awards

MasterChef Junior Joe Bastianich

The junior cooks get to see the master chefs as they would look considerably older.  But odor takes center stage as stinky socks and rotting food make for the best moments of the episode.  They are only topped by Joe's attempt at yoga.  Here are the most entertaining moments from this week's episode of MasterChef Junior.

Stinkiest Moment

A pile of rotting food stuffs was hidden inside the young cooks' mystery boxes.  Once they lifted them up the odor that wafted towards their faces made quite the impression.  Here Nathan reacts to this malodorous moment.

Most Surreal Moment

Cory's glasses lack lenses.  But for some reason, he had to put them on his head so he could see more clearly.

Best Gag Reflex

All the junior cooks are grossed out by old man Joe placing his stinky sock over Kayla's bottle of fish sauce.  Kayla, being closest to the offense, has the best gag reflex.  Aren't stinky socks on a cooking station some sort of health violation?

Most Zen Moment

Joe tries to impress Jenna with his yoga skills and manages to spread peace and tranquility throughout the studio.  Just kidding, after Jenna strikes a pose, Joe offers to teach her some yoga moves but goes crashing into the food cart forcing the young cooks into uproarious laughter.


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