The Survivor: Cagayan Recap: Woo Flips for Kids, Who Cares about a Million Dollars?

Last week, Stony and Woo flipped and voted Jefra out, causing Trish and Kasstastrophe to wonder where they stand in the alliance.  Kass opens up last night's episode, "Havoc to Wreak," by referring to Stony as the Mafia don in her late night confessional.  Stony rushes up to Kasstastrophe and Trish and asks them if they want an explanation.  Trish, cool and calm-headed, says she totally understands: because Jefra was going to blindside the Stony alliance.  Wrong.  It was because she, like you Trish, was a woman.  But Stony pounds on it and says, "Exactly!"  Kass, on the other hand, a seasoned attorney, says to Woo, "Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me."  Whose shame is it when it comes to fool me thrice, Kass?

Kasstastrophe begins her cross-examination of don Stony.  His voice raises several registers to a soprano as he defends his position.  Kasstastrophe's biggest problem with Stony is not that she cannot trust him, but rather that he is so condescending to people.  Stony apologizes, but Kass is having none of it.  Stony does what Stony does best: he starts to worry.  Kass is planning another catastrophe.  "I'm done with him."

Kasstastrophe Versus Stony Baloney

The next morning.  Three women lay in bed.  A bit farther down, three men discuss cops and robbers.  The conversation turns to the women still sleeping.  Kasstastrophe takes this to mean that Stony is talking about her.  Tasha stokes the flames, "He talks stuff about everybody."  Kasstastrophe takes the bait.

Trish with buff on head

The men still talk about policing the rough streets of Jersey City.  Trish's buff covers her entire face.

Kasstastrophe confronts Stony again.  This time about talking about her.  Woo and Spencer say Stony did not say anything about her.  Here's Spencer at his confessional, "Kass legitimately misheard Tony.  So now Tony is actually telling the truth, which is rare, you know, this is a special moment, and Kass doesn't believe him.  Am I going to clear up the situation?  No!"

Tony apologizing

A little later, while Stony eats a coconut, he decides it's better to quash this little tiff between the two before things get bad for him.  Stony's style of apologizing is approaching a frail middle-aged woman with sticks in his hands and yelling.  "I know what I said, but you don't know what you heard."  There is some genius hidden in that statement right there.

An increasingly vanishing Trish tells Stony to let it go, if he can.  He says he's done.  A little while later, he decides he isn't.  We get this exchange between two mature adults:

Stony: How old are you, 40 you said?
Kasstastrophe: Hmm-hmm.
Stony: You act like you're a 4-year-old.
Kasstastrophe: That's why I'm composed and you're not.
Stony: Yeah.
Kasstastrophe: Hopefully in the next two months, you'll do a little growing before you actually hit 40.
Stony: Oh wow, I'll take that advice from you.
Kasstastrophe: I'm not the one having a tantrum.
Stony: I'm not either.
Kasstastrophe: I just think it's funny you're totally losing your mind and self-destructing out here.

And it continued:

Stony: You're losing your mind!
Kasstastrophe: Am not.
Stony: Are too.
Kasstastrophe: Well, I'm rubber and you're glue, and whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you.

This turns into Kasstastrophe and Stony threatening to send each other home.  Kasstastrophe promises to write Stony's name down.  She tells him to play his idol.  Stony reveals that he has a special idol.  At this point nobody knows what to believe about Stony and his special stones.

Reward Challenge

The castaways are divided into two teams of three.  They are supposed to throw sandbags at a wall that is composed of 25 blocks, 5 blocks wide by 5 blocks tall.  The goal is to be the first team to completely knock out the other team's wall.  At that point the two teams go to their walls and try to rebuild them.  One team should have an advantage because the other team would not have knocked all the other team's blocks down.  The two teams are: Woo, Spencer, and Kasstastrophe against Tasha, Trish, and Stony.  The knockout part of the game is pretty even as the Woo/Spencer/Kasstastrophe team knocks out the Tasha/Trish/Stony team's wall first.  The Tasha/Trish/Stony team leaves two blocks standing.  Not much of an advantage for Woo/Spencer/Kasstastrophe.  Tasha and Spencer will be the rebuilders for their teams.  Tasha takes an early lead over Spencer, but then Kasstastrophe starts guiding Spencer and he overtakes Tasha.  Spencer finishes first.

Woo flips

The reward: food, of course.  But also, bringing supplies to kids who wouldn't otherwise have them.  The trio arrive at some school in a rural part of the Philippines.  Woo connects with the kids.  Spencer, even though he does not like kids, wound up enjoying it.  Woo does a martial arts demonstration for the school.  After the poor Filipino kids get their supplies and are amply entertained, the three castaways head for a meal.  Kasstastrophe and Spencer talk strategy while Woo lets some air circulate through his head.  We hear the sounds in Woo's head: whoosh.  So as Tony and Kasstastrophe plot the vote: Trish and Stony will probably vote for Tasha, two of the others should vote for Trish and two for Stony.  This is to get Stony to flush his idol.  Whoosh is nodding in agreement.  I wonder what is going on in Whoosh's head?  Let's ask Spencer, "Honestly, working with Woo is stressful, because all I'm getting from Woo is, 'Yeah, yeah, something to consider.  Right.'" Let's ask Whoosh, "At this point in the game, it's going to be an individual game and we all got to be looking out for ourselves."

Back on the island, the three walk towards camp.  Whoosh declares that he is in.  Take it away Kasstastrophe, "I think Woo is maybe getting in game mode.  Walking back from the reward, he just said I'm on board.  And I like that he took that time to think about it."  Yes, Kass, Whoosh took some time to think.  Whoosh promises to not tell Stony, the very Stony that is a seasoned police officer on the mean streets of Jersey City whose job it is to read whether people are lying or not.

They get back to camp.  Everyone says how great Whoosh was with the kids.

A little later, Tasha and Spencer are talking.  Here's Spencer, "Tony reads people really well.  It's very hard to lie to him."  Yeah, you should have thought of that earlier, and come up with a lie for Whoosh to give Tony instead of relying on Whoosh to do some quick thinking.

Trish and Stony wonder if any strategizing took place on the reward.  Stony says he'll ask Whoosh some questions about that.  If Whoosh says no, they'll know he's lying.  Stony leaves no room for small talk.  Before Whoosh can even sit down, "Any strategy talk?" comes blurting out of Stony's mouth.  Whoosh says that Kasstastrophe and Spencer agree on taking out Tasha.  Stony asks where that leaves Spencer, and Whoosh says, "I don't know."  Fair enough.  Honesty is the best policy.  Stony starts to get paranoid, or rather, gets even more paranoid.

Every single person on this show has had a tough time lying, yes even Stony.  Which says something good about humanity after all.  Even when a million dollars are up for grabs, you still see people get uncomfortable when they do something they know is not right.  It's comforting to see.  Then again they may be thinking if they get caught lying, they will lose the million dollars, so maybe I got too optimistic there for a second.

Immunity Challenge

The immunity challenge consists of counting a series of objects and using those numbers to solve a combination to open a lock.  The six objects are: fish traps, rocks, crabs, masks, bamboo, and buoys.  They run to the objects.  They run back to the combination locks.  Back and forth.  Twenty-five minutes pass.  Everyone's frustrated.  Spencer gets the combination.  Spencer wins immunity.

Hidden Immunity Idols

Back at camp, Spencer and Tasha are trying to convince Whoosh.  Whoosh stands there and lets the air circulate through his head.  Tasha and Stony talk.  Stony thinks Tasha is too comfortable for someone who knows they're going home.  He goes on and on about his idols.  Spencer asks Stony if he has a special idol.  Stony says, "At this time I cannot confirm or deny it."  Spoken like a true civil servant.

Kass changes her mind

Tasha and Kasstastrophe are talking.  Kasstastrophe, up to this point was going to vote with her emotions.  But Tasha reminds her how unlikable Stony is.  Kasstastrophe's face completely changes as logic and reason overcome her.  Tasha helps her realize that getting rid of Stony is stupid.

Kasstastrophe pulls Whoosh to the side.  Whoosh is dumbfounded.  I know, that goes without saying, but he is doubly dumbfounded.

Tribal Council

At tribal council Tasha tries to focus attention on Stony.  Stony brings up his bag of tricks.  Stony says his alliance relies on loyalty.  Kasstastrophe isn't buying it.  They vote.  Jeff goes to tally the votes.  Stony starts untying his bag.  Nobody plays an idol.  Jeff starts reading the votes: Tasha, Tony, Trish, Tasha, Tasha.  Tasha is voted out.  Spencer is stressed.  On the jury, Morgan is shaking her head in disgust.



Profile photo of photog17photog17
May 8th, 2014  12:41 PM

“I want to kill the cult leader.”
She winds up keeping him in.

Profile photo of The RoosterThe Rooster
May 8th, 2014  1:34 PM

That third gif: flipperWoo.

Profile photo of Mel OdiousMel Odious
May 8th, 2014  2:34 PM

Lots of drama, but the result’s the same. Hopefully the tiff between Kass, Trish, and Tony next week will yield something different at tribal.

Profile photo of SarcastiteSarcastite
May 8th, 2014  2:58 PM

At this point it’s hard to see Stony going home. Kass, for all her bloviating, is actually pretty dumb.

Profile photo of AsFarAsImConcernedNelliesStillFantasticAsFarAsImConcernedNelliesStillFantastic
May 8th, 2014  3:24 PM

Hey kids, when you get old and bored, you’ll be just as dumb as you are now!

Really, shouldn’t the voting age be raised to 80 or something, some people take forever to grow up.

Profile photo of AsFarAsImConcernedNelliesStillFantasticAsFarAsImConcernedNelliesStillFantastic
May 8th, 2014  3:26 PM

Those arguments were so uncomfortable but I have to give it to Kass, she never bothered to bring other people into it. Stony kept asking third parties their opinions, that’s just not cool.

Profile photo of ExtinctentialistExtinctentialist
May 8th, 2014  3:30 PM

Watching Woo try to think is the most entertaining thing ever. There should be a program dedicated solely to this activity.

Profile photo of The Letter YThe Letter Y
May 8th, 2014  4:00 PM

Kass kan’t spell, Kass kan’t hear.

Profile photo of MissAdviceMissAdvice
May 8th, 2014  4:11 PM

The guys didn’t welcome Tash too warmly at Ponderosa. Wonder what that’s all about?

Profile photo of LelandLeland
May 8th, 2014  10:20 PM

Whoever cut that Woo gif like that is a genius.

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