Pat Buchanan Visits the State of Colorado

Pat Buchanan visited the state of Colorado, took part in some of the state's trade, and returned to the show under the influence of a certain plant.  This entire segment was a scare tactic to show people the ill effects of taking puffs of the cannabis plant.

Who would have thought that the peskiest of trade agreements would have led to reefer madness?

What the hell is Pat smoking?  Oh yeah, he provided a clue in his answer: grassroots.  Reminding us of his visit to Colorado lately.  Good on Eleanor for pointing out how ridiculous (read: stoned) Pat's entire premise is.

Look at Pat's reaction to John saying, "It is the right thing to do."  That is pure evil.  What the hell?

And by the time the end of the show comes around, the effects of Pat's visit to the state of Colorado have worn off and the man comes to his senses.  Drugs are bad, people, stay away.

A lot of the panelists' predictions were for the end of last year, so we have big changes to the rankings.  Eleanor Clift predicted that, "The Dream Act plus immigration reform will pass probably in the next year.  The Republicans will rush to cooperate."  Wrong.

She also predicted that, "Mr. Smith will be coming back to Washington, filibuster reform is on the way."  Wrong again.

John McLaughlin predicted that, "The US will be effectively out of Afghanistan by December 31, 2013."  Wrong.

He also predicted that, "I predict that the year 2013 starting in two weeks, will experience during the year, of course, a recession."  Well, one could argue we have not really gotten out of the previous recession, but officially no recession has been declared.  Partially right.

John predicted that, "Guantanamo Bay prison will be shut down by January 1 of next year."  Wrong.  Susan Ferrechio, Eleanor Clift, Pat Buchanan, and Mort Zuckerman all predicted that "Guantanamo Bay prison will not be shut down by January 1 of next year."  They were all right.

Pat Buchanan predicted that, "Before the year is out, Hillary Clinton will be called to testify again on Benghazi before a select committee in Congress."  Did not happen.  In case anyone recalls her testifying, Pat made this prediction after her January testimony in May, so he was suggesting that she would testify again.  In that same episode, David Rennie predicted, "By the end of this year, Syria will have melted down."  Wrong.

John predicted, "Immigration overhaul legislation will pass and become law by December 31 of this year."  Wrong.

Mort predicted, "The Egyptian economy is on the verge of bankruptcy with only enough foreign reserves to import about three to five months of food and then will be completely broken."  Wrong.

He also predicted, "The weak economy in terms of employment and unemployment is going to continue to be the dominant issue for the rest of the year."  Correct.

Susan predicted, "Obama is going to tweak the law a little bit to help ease the health care plan cancellations."  Correct.

John and Mort predicted, "There will be new sanctions on Iran before the end of the year."  Wrong.  Eleanor and Guy Taylor predicted, "No new sanctions on Iran before the end of the year."  Correct.  And Pat predicted, "Fifty-fifty chance on new sanctions on Iran before the end of the year."  Partially correct.  Who would have thought Pat would have made the most centrist prediction?

Pat predicted, "Patty Murray and Paul Ryan will cut a deal but it will be embattled in both houses of Congress."  It was embattled, but ultimately passed.  Partially correct.

Panelist Prediction Correct Wrong Partially Right Not Yet Proven Percent Correct
Ryan Grim 2 0 0 3 100
Michelle Bernard 1 0 0 5 100
Guy Taylor 1 0 0 2 100
Rich Lowry 2 0 2 2 75
Tim Carney 3 1 3 1 64.29
Paul Glastris 2 1 1 2 62.50
Susan Ferrechio 7 5 3 10 56.67
Eleanor Clift 16 12 7 21 55.71
Pat Buchanan 10 8 7 22 54
Mort Zuckerman 10 10 7 27 50
John McLaughlin 10 15 11 21 43.06
Clarence Page 1 3 5 2 38.89
David Rennie 0 2 0 1 0
Chris Matthews 0 0 0 1 0



Profile photo of SarcastiteSarcastite
January 6th, 2014  2:46 PM

Out of the people that made more than 10 predictions, the two best are women!

Profile photo of SarcastiteSarcastite
January 6th, 2014  2:46 PM

Poor David Rennie can’t get a single thing right.

Profile photo of photog17photog17
January 7th, 2014  1:09 PM

That third clip should be a reminder to people anytime they get warm feelings to some of the stuff Pat says. He is total shit.