The MasterChef Junior How To: Become the Greatest Kid Cook

MasterChef Junior Addison

Winning the title of greatest kid cook in America is easy once you think about it.  Addison shows us all just how simple it is. READ MORE

The MasterChef Junior How To: Get Yourself a Puppy

MasterChef Junior Zac

Ever wanted a puppy so bad you would do anything to get one?  It really is simple to do as Zac shows us.  Just follow the simple steps below. READ MORE

The MasterChef Junior How To: End Someone’s Shoe Fetish

Have you ever been invited to the home of a man that parades around his garden in a bathrobe?  The kind of man that names his dog a king?  The kind of man that brings snooty food snobs over for lunch on the lawn?  The kind of man that is obsessed with other people's shoes?  Have you ever wondered how to deal with that?  Especially when your camouflage outfit is forbidden because he fears you will burn down his house?  Well thanks to a young man named JJ, we now have the secret sauce on how to pay such a man a memorable visit. READ MORE

The MasterChef Junior How To: Recreate a Dish without Knowing What It Is

MasterChef Junior Gordon and Kya

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The MasterChef Junior How To: Make a Political Statement against Meat Eaters

MasterChef Junior Mia

Sometimes we need to look to our youth to find well-reasoned and principled stances.  It is one young lady that showed the world that anyone can stand up to a bloodthirsty raw meat eating madman.  Now, we all have the recipe on how to stand up for a proper and healthy diet. READ MORE